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Colleen & Kyles Trinkets

Frequently Asked Questions

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     1.   How am I going to place my order?

           There are 2 ways to place an order:

a.) Submit your orders online

b.) Text your contact number & time of availability to (917) 5587236 and you will be receiving a call coming from us to take your order

     2.   How am I going to pay for my order?

Payments can be deposited on the Bank account that will be given to you together with the confirmation text or email from the owner or if it will be pick-up, COD (Cash On Delivery) can be arranged.  

     3.   I live outside Manila, can I order?

Yes, definitely. You can place your order online or sent us a text message with the order details and deposit the payment at the bank. All product deliveries will be made by Air21.You can check their website ( to know how much their delivery fees are within your area.

    4. Cancellation, Returns & Refund

* Cancellations and refunds are not allowed for products ordered that are more than 5 pcs or for souvenir orders

* Cancellations are not allowed for dessert beauty products.

* For products 4pcs and below, cancellation should be made 24 hours after depositing the payment to get a full refund. If not refund will be forfeited and products will be sent.

* For products received in bad shape, text us within 24 hours the following info to have the product replaced.

                                 1.      Name

         2.      Address

         3.      Damages

         4.      Product ordered

                                 5.  Order number/confirmation number/tracking number

*** For Product replacements and returns

1.            Product should still be in their original packaging

2.           Products damaged caused by mishandling by customers will not be replaced.





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