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Colleen & Kyles Trinkets

Relax... Refresh and Revitalize yourself

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Tired of working all day? Don't have the luxury of time to go to a spa? Wanna give yourself the pampering you deserve?
Then you are in the right page. Our products can give you the pampering you want without leaving home and spending much. All you need is choose and order. We'll be waiting.

Garden of Eden

Sweet Colleen @ P35/each

2pcs on stock @ P90 ea

Something Salty...

Lady Bug

Starry, Starry Night/Rigel

Heart Angel/Marty

Starry Starry night - contains 85 gms of Dead Sea Salt @ P65 ea
Heart Angel - contains 85 gms of Dead Sea Salt @ P65 ea
Marty - contains 85 gms of Epsom bath salt @ P35 ea
Rigel - contains 85 gms of Epsom bath salt @ P35 ea
Lady bug small - contains 100 gms of Epsom Bath salt @ P40 ea
Lady bug medium - contains 300 gms of Epsom Bath salt @ P50 ea
Lady bug large - contains 500 gms of Epsom Bath salt @ P60 ea

Cutie Darlings

Candy Baby
10gms bath confetti @ P70 ea

Little Candies, 60 pcs paper soap @ P50/ Tube


Strawberry Dream @ P35 ea

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